Review Report on the DPR for ChayaBhagawatiSmallHydelProject

    The Government of Karnataka, through KREDL has allotted the development of ChayaBhagawati Small Hydel Project with an installed capacity of 8 MW, to M/s. Bhoruka Power Corporation Ltd., Bangalore vide its order G.O No.EN 221 NCE 2007, Bangalore dated 25-06-2007. This scheme is across River Krishna and located on the right bank and taking off near the existing Chayadevi Diversion weir belonging to M/s Bhoruka Power Corporation Ltd for Chayadevi Small Hydel Scheme which is already commissioned and in operation since year 2001. M/s. Bhoruka Power Corporation Ltd., Bangalore has entered into a MOU with Government of Karnataka for development of the Project.  M/s.Tecsol Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, has prepared the DPR for the Project, with a proposed installed capacity 18 MW (2 x 9 MW) and has projected Average Annual Energy Generation of 25.80 Million units with a plant load factor of 16.36%.

    M/s. Bhoruka Power Corporation Ltd, Bangalore have entrusted to M/s.Design Group Project Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, the assignment of Review of the DPR prepared and furnishing an opinion on the Project proposals and the technical and financial viability of the Project. 


    Brief description of the Project layout is described below:

  • Short approach channel from the ChayaBhagawati Diversion Weir up to the Head Regulator.
  • A Head Regulator to regulate release of 77.10 cumec of water to the Power Channel.
  • Power Channel with bed width of 20m (unlined) and 1760m, long to carry a maximum discharge of 88.66 cumecs.
  • A long sloping forebay of length 176.1m
  • Powerhouse intake structure along with trash rack and stop log and service gates with two short penstocks to feed the two generating units in the Power House.
  • A Power House to accommodate the two generating units of 9 MW capacity each, along with the service bay, control Room and other floors to accommodate the auxiliaries equipment, and the electrical and mechanical equipment, Draft tube gates etc.
  • Tail Pool, fully concrete lined.
  • Tail race channel – 15m wide and 300meter long –lined.
  • An outdoor yard adjacent to the Power House to accommodate the step up power transformer and the switchgear to evacuate the Power at 110 kV to the Lingasugur sub-station.


    The turbine to be erected at the Power House will be of Vertical full Kaplan turbine coupled to the generator.