Chenab is a major river of the Indian Basin originating from the Great Himalayan & Pir Panjal ranges having snow covered slopes from EL. 3500m to EL. 7000m above MSL.  The Chenab river originates from the snow covered slopes of Great Himalayan & Pir Panjal ranges in Lahaul & Spiti District & flows in a steep gradient with a series of loopes & bends.  The river is formed by the two major tributaries in the head reaches namely Chandra & Bhaga.  The river Chandra originates from Bara-Lacha-La and is further augmented by Chandra Tal.  The river Bhaga takes off from Suraj Tal in the vicinity of Bara-Lacha-La and is further joined by Jhankar and Millang nallas in the head reaches.  The catchment of these two major tributaries has snow covered peaks at height ranging from about EL. 3500m to EL. 5500m.  The Chandra river and Bhaga river joins at Tandi to form Chandra-Bhaga i.e., the Chenab.  Further, downstream of confluence, it is joined by other significant tributaries namely Shansha Nalla near Rashil, Thirot Nalla at Thirot.  Miyar Nalla at Udaiput, Saichu Nalla at Dawag, Mahal Nalla at Killar, Dheda Nalla and Lujai Nalla at downstream of Killar Chenab river drains a catchment of about 7500 before it crosses into J&K border.

    The state of Himachal Pradesh has vast Hydro Power Potential.  One of the power potential basin is Indus Basin. The Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation is exploring all the possible power potential in this basin. 

    The Chenab river is in Indus basin.  In view of optimal exploitation of hydel potential of Chenab basin, a scheme viz. Tinget Hydro Electric Project has been conceived by identifying a location on Miyar Nallah, a tributary of Chenab river for power generation near Tinget village in Lahaul & Spiti District in the State of Himachal Pradesh by the Himachal Pradesh Government. 

    For converting the conceived Tinget Hydro Electric Project into reality, bids were called by the Himachal Pradesh Government for participation by the Independent Power Producers on BOOT (Build, Own, Operate and Transfer) basis. One of the bidder for this project is M/s AMR-MITRA JV, Hyderabad and became the successful bidder. 

    Subsequent to the issue of letter of intent,  the pre-feasibility report is to be submitted to Himachala  Pradesh  state government for review and approval prior to preparation of Detailed Project Report.  M/s AMR-MITRA JV, Hyderabad, has entrusted the work of preparing the Pre-feasibility Report to M/s Design Group Project Consultants Private Ltd., and the same has been completed.  The details of the project are as in salient  feature.