A vented dam is proposed to provide necessary storage infrastructure on the River Netravathi at Thumbe to meet the municipal and industrial water demand of Mangalore Municipal Corporation and the adjoining area for a planning horizon of 20 years from year 2007.

     An existing vented dam exists just 50m upstream of the proposed new barrage. Storage capacity of the existing vented dam was assessed as 4.891MCM only, with a pond level at EL +4.00m as against 9.56 MCM estimated earlier which was adequate only to store 25 days of the ultimate requirement of 2026.

In view of the insufficient existing capacity and difficulty of locating new dam upstream for additional capacity, it was recommended to go in for a new-vented dam downstream of the existing one.

     The proposed vented dam (Barrage) is proposed with a pond level of EL+7.00m with a proposed storage of 14.73MCM. The barrage has 28nos. + 2nos. gated vents of size 10mx5.5m and 10mx6.7m respectively.

    DGPCPL has been awarded the detailed design and drawings for the proposed vented dam and the construction is in progress..