Rafha Power Plant # 2 Project – Saudi Arabia


    M/s. SSEM one of the leading EPC contractors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was awarded the construction of Rafha Gas based Power Plant #2, by Saudi Electric Company with two numbers new GTG units supplied by Siemens and relocation of two numbers existing GTG units supplied by GE. M/s ILF Abu Dubai, UAE, were the principal consultants, M/s. DGPCPL was appointed as sub consultants by M/s. ILF for Detail Engineering and to issue all construction drawings and designs for complete plant except GTG.

    This was a prestigious project, involving issue of more than 800 drawings & documents. Two GTG units supplied by Siemens was successfully commissioned on schedule in the month of July 2012. The assignment included interaction with clients / SEC (Owners) during approval stage of design and drawing.


    This project comprised with installation of new 2 x 55/70 MW Gas Turbine Generators and shifting and reinstallation in the new Plant area of 2 x 33 MW Gas Turbine Generators. The project consists of the following items –

  • 132 kV, 132MVA Generator Transformer, 13.8kV / 4.16kV 25MVA unit auxiliary transformers, 10 nos. service transformers, MV & LV Switchgears and other BOP.
  • Crude oil / Distillate oil fired Gas Turbine Generator two units of 55/70MW output.
  • Crude oil treatment and forwarding and distillate oil forwarding system for new units.
  • Associated piping, cabling & services


    The Engineering services for the project consisted of –

  • Detailed Civil Engineering involving structural designs, Architectural layouts, equipment foundations including tank farm, for GTG Building, FOTP, FOFS  Building,  Electrical Building, Main Control Building, Workshop, BSDG, National Guard Building, Fire truck shed, Compressor room etc,.
  • Electrical Engineering involving system studies, development of SLD’s, illumination systems, Lightning protection layouts, Earthing Layouts, Layout of Panels,   lighting, Load flow study, Short circuit study calculations, Load lists, IO lists, equipment sizing for transformers, MV & LV, Switchgears, DC & UPS Systems, Cable routing, Cable & inter connection schedules.
  • I & C  Engineering involving DCS architecture, BOP signal lists, Paging System Layout, development of logic diagrams for various systems including oily water system, fuel oil, vanadium inhibitor dosing system etc., Hookup drawings, communication layouts, specifications and design criteria’s etc.