Pashdan Multipurpose Project


    Pashdan Multipurpose Project is located in north east of Herat in Karokh district of Afghanistan. It is  about 18 km away from Karukh Governor’s Office in Herat city. The Herat-Maymana Highways after surrounding the proposed reservoir area passes along the right bank in the vicinity of dam and weir.

    The project is on Karokhriver which is a tributary to river Harirud. which originates in the mountains of Central Afghanistan at an altitude of about 4,000 m. The river, formed by the confluence of several streams runs down to Kohsan village in Afghanistan and turns sharply northwards, forming the international boundary with Iran.

    The Pashdan Multipurpose Project in Kabul Province is primarily an Irrigation Project for gross command area of 12891 hawith secondary benefits of hydropower generationand provision of water for domestic and industrial purposes.


            The various components of the project are:

  • A Rockfill dam 48 m high from the deepest foundation level with a length of 997.650m.
  • A side channel spillway (ungated) of 120 m length.
  • Hydro Power Project Components
    • A power intake from its left bank in block No. 6 of the dam, taking off at El. 2114.9.
    • Two Penstocks of 0.6 m dia. long 80 m each to feed the two units of turbines.
    • Powerhouse of size 21 m x 10.1 m to house 2 units, each of  600 kW
    • Two nos. RCC duct tailrace to discharge water into down-stream balancing reservoir
  • Irrigation Project Components
    • A Pick-up Weir, with balancing reservoir
    • Scour sluices 2 Nos. and Head Regulators 2 nos., one from each bank
    • Irrigation canal network, with two main canals, one each on either side of the stream.
  • Water supply Project Components
    • An intake from right bank of pick-up weir
    • Water supply main line
    • Water Treatment plant
    • Water supply network


The project has since been abandoned by DGPCPL