50 KLPD TS Molasses based Ethanol Plant


      The Nandi Sahakari Sakkare Karkhane Niyamit, Krishnanagar have  taken up 50 KLPD TS Molasses based Ethanol Plant in the available space of Nandi sugar Factory premises.The above project comprises of Ethanol Plant supplied by M/s PRAJ INDUSTRIES LTD., Pune and Boiler Unit and Electro Static precipitator (ESP) with other auxiliaries supplied by M/s THERMAX LTD., Pune and Turbine Generator.

      M/s Nandi Sahakari Sakkare Karkhane Niyamit have appointed DGPCL as civil consultants for the above project. Based on the Mechanical input drawings furnished by the suppliers DGPCL have designed the civil foundations works  for the different components and allied civil works.The Ethanol Plant comprises of Storage Section, Fermentation Section which also includes MCC Room Block, Distillation Section, Evaporation Section, Effluent Treatment Plant section which also includes MCC  Room building, Cooling Towers, Spent Wash Settling Pits, Spent Wash Lagoon etc.,

      The Boiler Plant comprises of Boiler Supporting structures, ESP Supporting structures, foundations for different auxiliaries, Turbine building etc.,

     The project also includes general works such as Excise Office Block, Roads, Storm Water Drainage and Fencing works.DGPCPL have prepared tender documents for item rate tenders for civil works coming in each of Ethanol Plant and Boiler Plant. The tenders were evaluated   by DGPCPL and accordingly, the tenders are awarded to the civil contractors. The civil works are under progress and expected to complete by end of September 2013.