Mahan SHP


    The Mahan small hydel scheme-3 is located across Mahan river near Pratappur village in Sarguja district of Chattisghar State, India. The nearest railway station is at Ambikapur which is about 500km., from Raipur the state capital of Chattisghar. The project is located about 30km from Pratappur. Pratappur is on the state highway from Ambikapur to Varanasi. The nearest Airport is located at Raipur. The developer of the project is M/s Venika Hydro Projects Private Ltd., Bangalore.

    The Scheme contemplates construction of about 340m long and about 25m height (max) composite dam consisting of Gated concrete Spillway, a concrete Non over flow dam, about 100m long Earth dam (maximum height -25m) on the left bank. The intake structure for drawl of water to the power house units is located on the Right bank. The power house is located about 40m downstream from the intake with penstock pipe connecting intake and the power house.

    The power house is of surface type housing 3 units of 8.25MW each. The total installed capacity of the project is 24.75MW.

    The Mahan small hydroelectric scheme is located across Mahan river about 30km from Pratappur village in Sarguja district of Chattisghar which is about 500km from Ambikapur, the nearest rail head.  Pratappur is on the  Ambikapur to Varanasi state highway. The Longitude & Latitudes of the Barrage site is 82o 58’ 10” E and 23o 30’ 35”N. The Longitude & Latitudes of the Power House site is 82o 58’ 01” E and 23o 30’ 50”N

    The top of dam and Full Reservoir Level(FRL) of the dam are finalised as EL 449.50m and EL.447.0 m respectively and live storage for power generation of upto EL.440.00m. The proposed dam will have a spillway of 90m length with 9 nos of radial type of Crest gates of size10 m width X 7m height. The Non Over Flow Dam on the right bank is about 63.61m long and on the left bank 46m long. The deepest foundation grade anticipated is at about EL.428.60m for Spillway portion. The average river bed level at the site is 427.0m. The width of Intake located on the right bank is 33.84m. The foundation grade varies gradually on both the flanks. Power House is located at about 50.30m from intake on the right bank and has a total installed capacity 24.75 MW (3 Units of 8.25 MW each).

    The construction of the project is in various stages and the same is pictorially shown in photo gallery.