Machalgho Multipurpose Project, Afghanisthan


    Machalgho Multipurpose Project is located on Machalgho River at about 28 Km North of Gardiz town in Paktia Province, Afghanistan. There is a gravel road from the Gardez town connecting the Machalgho village at about 13 km. An 8 m wide gravel road from Machalgho village to the dam site and beyond to connect to other villages is under construction. The dam axis is located at about 15 km along this road under construction from the Machalgho village.

    Machalgho is designed as Multipurpose project, for power production to meet the domestic needs of the nearby villages, for domestic water supply to the 10 villages in the command area and to irrigate about 1824 ha of net command area out of a gross command of 2355 ha.


Major Components of the Project

    The project comprises of the following major components:

  • An ungated overflow spillway of length 70.00 m.
  • The height of the spillway (overflow blocks) is about 55.00 m from the acceptable foundation grade.
  • The spillway is also flanked by two non-overflow blocks on both the banks to support the rock fill dam on both the banks. A slope of 1 in 10 has been provided for a proper seating of the rockfill dam on the concrete section.
  • One irrigation sluice of size 1.00 m x 1.00 m in the right NOF block with invert elevation at 2730.00 m.
  • One construction sluice of 1.00 m x 1.00 m has been proposed in the overflow block No. 4, adjacent to the irrigation sluice. The construction sluice subsequently will be used as a scour sluice.
  • To make the project a cost effective one rockfill dam on both the banks have been proposed.


The Project has since been abandoned by DGPCPL