Kukke Stage1



    The development of Power Sector until recently in India has been primarily with the State and Central Governments with very little participation by Private Sector. The Country faces an energy shortage of around 10.8% and peak load capacity shortage to the extent of about 14.40%.  The situation in Karnataka State is no better and is hindering its economic growth.  In order to mobilize more funds for development of the Power Sector, Government of India has framed a policy to permit private sector participation in the development of the power sector. Under this policy, the Government of Karnataka has allotted implementation of Kukke -Stage-1 with an installed capacity of 24.00 MW to M/s. Kukke Hydro Projects Private Limited., Bangalore.

    Kukke-Stage-1 is proposed across Kumaradhara River near Kunturu Perabe Village of Puttur Taluk in Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka.


    The Scheme comprises of the construction of:

  • Barrage across River Kumaradhara.
  • Intake cum Right Non over Flow Block.
  • Power House of size 18.70 m x 107.50 m to house 8 generating units of 3.0 MW each, with the service bay, control room, office etc.
  • Tail Channel of 421.00 m length (including tail race pool) with a bed width of 100.00 m.
  • An Switch Yard (ODY) of size 67.00 m x 94.00 m.


    The average annual power generation is arrived at 75.01 GWHr.  The Project gives an internal rate of return of 23.55%.

    In the context of current power and energy shortage in the State of Karnataka and the ever-increasing demand for more electricity, the implementation of Kukke-Stage-1 contributes to partially meeting the shortage of power and energy in the State of Karnataka.  The significant aspects of the Project are:


  • There is an assured available net head of about 6.0 m and flow of about 565.01 cumecs for about 36 days.
  • The Project is economical and provides adequate income generation to meet all financing commitments and provides adequate return on the investments.