Gatambe MHS


    The project is located at Getambe, which is situated in the administrative district of Kandy in the Central Province.Kandy is the second major city in Sri Lanka. The identified location of the weir is on the main Mahaweli River at Getambe. Mahaweli is the largest river basin in Sri Lanka, which covers 16% of the total land area of the island and drains nearly 20% of the total runoff generated from all the river basins.

    Total catchment area of Mahaweli Ganga at the weir site is 1187.0 km2. Of this, a catchment of 585.3 km2 in KothmaleOya is intercepted by the Kothmale reservoir which was commissioned in 1985. 

    Water stored in Kothmale reservoir is released back to MahaweliRiver after generation of hydropower at an underground power plant. Throughout the year, regulated flows of KothmaleOya are released to Mahaweli Ganga to meet the irrigation diversion requirements at Polgolla where a gated weir diverts the Mahaweli waters to the farmlands in the north central dry zone of Sri Lanka.  Occasionally, controlled spill flows are also released in to the river at the Kothmale dam.

    Releases from Kothmale reservoir are planned in advance by a committee comprising of officials of Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka (MASL) and the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB). The regulated releases from Kothmale together with the natural flows of balance catchment of 601.7 km2 form the flows at Getambe weir site.


    Major components of works comprises mainly of:

  • Weir across Mahaweli at Getambe
  • Power house (3 x I.C 5.5MW) adjacent to the weir on the left bank of the river
  • 580 m long tailrace channel downstream of the weir
  • Switchyard