Bhadra LBC MHS



    The Bhadra Left Bank Canal Power House is envisaged by M/s.Sai Deepthi Power Private Ltd.  This Project is allotted to M/s.Sai Deepthi Power Private Ltd., Plot No.2, Flat No.303, Jyothiradiya, Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad - 500 073 by the Government of Karnataka.  The Project construction is taken up by the developer in a snailspace. 

    The Bhadra Dam is constructed across Bhadra River near Lakkavalli village, Bhadravathi Taluk, Shivamogga District of Karnataka State, India.   The Project is known as Bhadra Reservoir Project (B.R. Project).  The B.R. Project is a Multipurpose Project.  The water stored in the reservoir is being utilized to irrigation, power and drinking water purposes.  However, the majority of the storage is for the purpose of irrigation and hence, it is mainly an Irrigation Project.

    Bhadra River takes its origin in Varaha hills of Western Ghats in Chikkamagalur District.  The river flows for about 192 km before joining

    Tunga River near Kudli, 14 km East of Shimoga.  After the confluence, the river is known as Tungabhadra and is a tributary to Krishna River.

    A 59m high masonry dam across Bhadra River at about 2 km, from Lakkavalli Village has been constructed.  The dam has masonry section in the gorge portion with earthen flanks.  A central ogee spillway with four crest gates of size 18.3 x 7.6 m has been provided.  The river bed level at dam is EL.601 m and FRL of reservoir is EL.657.76 m and top of dam is EL.660.19 m.   The crest level of the spillway is EL.650.16 m.  The dam was completed during 1958 and is in operation since then for Irrigation and Power Generation.

    The total catchment area at dam site is 1968 sq. km and the average rainfall in the catchment is 9171 mm.  The average yield from this catchment is 2832 M cum.  The gross storage capacity provided in the reservoir is 2026 M cum and live storage is 1705 M cum.  Water spread area of the reservoir at FRL of EL.657.76 m is 1170.30 sq. km.  A flood of 3021 cumecs can be discharged over the spillway.

    There are two irrigation canals taking off from the dam, one from each bank.  The right bank canal with CBL at EL.631.55 m and FSL at EL.636.12 m is designed for a discharge of 75.03 cumecs and left bank canal with CBL at EL.612.04 m and FSL at 613.87 m is designed for a discharge of 10.76 cumecs.  The right bank canal runs for a length of 103 km and the left bank canal runs for a length of 77 km to irrigate about 105570 ha of land.

    There are three powerhouses under operation at Bhadra Dam.  One powerhouse at the riverbed and one powerhouse each on right and left bank canal head works.  Details of the powerhouse with existing capacities are given below:


Sl. No.


Installed Capacity


Left Bank Canal Power House

1 x 2 MW = 2 MW


River bed Power House

2 x 12 + 1 x 2 MW = 26 MW


Right Bank Canal Power House

1 x 7.2 + 1 x 6.0 MW = 13.20 MW

    Discharge at head works of left bank canal for irrigation is 10.76 cumecs.  One unit of 2 MW capacity is in operation under KPCL.  The excess quantity of water is being let out directly into the canal through a sluice.  The present proposal of installation of 1.5 MW capacity contemplates utilization of the excess discharge available.

    The components of the Bhadra Left Bank Canal MHS  are:

  • Approach channel in foreshore of Bhadra Reservoir
  • Intake Structure
  • Tunnel
  • Penstock
  • Power House
  • Tailraced pool and channel to led water back to left bank canal