Varahi Tail Race Mini Hydel Scheme - 37.5 MW


    The Varahi Tail race Mini Hydel Scheme is located on river Varahi, downstream of the location of the Underground power house of Varahi Hydro Electric Project, presently having an installed capacity of 230MW (2 x 115MW) and which is proposed to be enhanced by another 230 MW (2 x 115MW) shortly.

    The VTR Mini Hydel Scheme utilizes the tail race waters of the Varahi Underground power house and water from independent catchment upto the diversion weir site on Varahi River just downstream of Varahi Underground power house tailrace confluence and the drop in the river bed level upto location of VTR Mini Hydel Scheme Power House location, for power generation. The scheme is developed by M/s Sandur Power Ltd.


    The Scheme involved Construction of:

  • A diversion weir 245.00m long with FRL at EL+86.0m, with a gated spillway along with 8 Nos. crest gates of size 7.1m x 6.5m and an ungated spillway reach of 100 m long.
  • An approach channel of 8m bed width and 71.80m length with concrete lining.
  • A gravity type concrete intake structure with an intake gate of size 6m x 7m.
  • A horse shoe shaped Head Race Tunnel 2303m long and 7m dia. with full concrete lining and a discharge carrying capacity of 126 cumecs .
  • A simple surge shaft 19m/26m Dia meter and 53.50m high with concrete lining.
  • A penstock tunnel, horse shoe shaped, 7m dia and 270.5m long with concrete lining.
  • A Steel Penstock of a diameter varying from 6.5m to 4.11m and 42m long and branching into 3 penstocks of 2.91m Dia and 59m long.
  • A surface power house 39m long x 20.42m wide and 30m high, with RCC substructure and steel superstructure and sheet cladding for wall and roof.
  • A Tail race pool 38m in length and width varying from 37.66m to 12m and a tail race channel 314m in length and 12m bed width and joining the Varahi river.
  • The Power house switchyard of 50m x 65m to accommodate the transformers and switch gear equipment.
  • The scheme utilizes a maximum discharge of 120 cumecs and net head of 40m for power generation.


    The power house initially has an installation of 3 units of vertical axis full Kaplan turbine generating units of 7.5MW each. 2 more units each of 7.5MW will be added during the 2nd phase of the scheme. The Phase I of the Scheme with 3 units has been completed in March 2005. The Scheme presently generates annually 71.75 Mu and will generate 120Mu per annum when phase II will also be complete in the next two years.

    Design Group has handled the planning, DPR preparation, Detail Engineering for phase I and II and has completed the assignment satisfactorily project has been commissioned and generating the power.