Singatalur-Huligudda Small Hydel Scheme 18 MW


      Karnataka Neeravari Nigam is implementing the Singatalur-Huligudda Lift Irrigation Scheme in near village Hamgi in Huvina Hadagali Taluk of Bellary District of Karnataka, across river Tungabhadra. This involves the construction of a gated barrage across river Tungabhadra with an FRL at EL 509m. Tungabhadra Power Co., Pvt Ltd. is implementing the Mini Hydel Scheme with an installed capacity of 18MW, on the right bank of the barrage. The Power Blocks facilitating drawal of water to the power house is part of the barrage and is located on the right bank, at the end of the spill portion of the barrage beyond which are located the non-overflow section and the earthen bund portions. The over flow section of the barrage is 402m long with 26 spans of size 12.5m x 8m, controlled by vertical lift gates.


    The Mini Hydel Scheme consists of construction of the:

  • Approach channel 25.6m wide and 44.51 m long and with bed level at EL 498.0m.
  • Intake structure 36.1m long and 14.05m wide with 4 vents of size 5.89m x 5.89m.
  • 4 Nos. inlet conduits, rectangular in shape leading to the 4 generating units.
  • RCC Power House 38.5m wide x 25.5m long, with control room, service bay and switch gear rooms.
  • Tail Race channel 35m wide and 120m long with a bed level at the end at EL 497.0m.
  • Outdoor yard 50m x30m

    The power house has an installation of 18MW with 4 Nos. S type Kaplan turbines and synchronous generators of 4500 KW capacity each along with accessories. The project envisages generation of 52.87 Mu per annum.

    The Project has 11kms of Double Circuit, 66kV transmission lines to transmit the power to Huvinhadagali Sub-station of GESCOM. Design Group has handled the planning, the Preparation of DPR and Detailed Engineering for all components of the project. The project has been completed and the units have been commissioned and generating the power.