Sheshadri Iyer Mini Hydel Scheme 10 MW


    The Shivanasamudram Power Project was established in the year 1902 by the erstwhile Royal State of Mysore and is still operating after renovation, with an installed capacity of 42.MW. The water for this hydro power project is drawn from the Shivanasamudram Balancing Reservoir through a channel and a forebay. Large quantum of water surpluses from the forebay over its surplussing weir during monsoon season. The scheme implemented by M/s. ATRIA Power Corporation Ltd., utilizes this surplus water and head available between the forebay and the Cauvery River bed below the steep hill for generation of Hydro Power. The scheme as implemented has an installed capacity of 10MW consisting of 3 units of 3.33 MW each and generates annually an energy of 27 GWhrs. Design Group handled the Design Engineering for the Civil Engineering components and the structures of the out door yard of the Scheme.

    The scheme was completed in the year 2001 and is operating since then.


    The Scheme involved Construction of:

  • A diversion weir across the waste weir channel of the forebay
  • An intake structure, diverting the water
  • A 1800mm dia steel penstock about 210m long, and trifurcating into 3 Nos. penstocks of 900mm Dia and 20m long each near the power house
  • Surface power house with RCC structure and sheet roofing to house the 3 Nos. horizontal axis Francis Turbine generating units and
  • A short tail race channel to lead the water back to the Cauvery river. The work was completed in period of 18 months.