Shamburi Mini Hydel Scheme 24 MW


    Shamburi Mini Hydel Scheme (24 MW) is being developed by M/s Rithwick Energy Generation Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad, at the barrage site of Perla Mini Hydel Scheme being built by M/s AMR Power Pvt Ltd., near Perla Village of Bantwal Taluk of South Kanara District. The Scheme envisages installation of 5 units of 4.8 MW each, downstream of the Perla barrage at the proposed power house, and contemplates an annual generation of 70 GWh on an average.

    The Scheme involves construction of intake structure in the Perla barrage, to house the 5 opening of 4.54m x 4.54m leading the water to the five units of the power house. The intake has 5 service gates of size 4.54m x 4.54m along with two sets of stop log gates. The power house is located on the left bank of the barrage and is 46m x 32m in size and houses the generating units, service bay, control room and switch gear room and auxiliary services room. The installation consists of 5 units of horizontal full Kaplan turbines along with 5 Nos. synchronous generators of 4.8 MW capacity each, working under a net rated head of 8.7m. The tailrace pool discharges in to the river downstream.

    Design Group has handled the Planning and DPR preparation.

    The construction of the project was completed and the units have been commissioned and generating the power.