Kadamane Mini Hydel Scheme 9 MW


    The Kadamane Mini Hydel Scheme-I (KMHS-1) has been planned to utilizes the flows of Kadamane hole a tributary of Yettinhole also known as Kemphole and the River bed drop of 315m in a stretch of about 1.75m reach of the Kadamane hole before its confluence with Yettinhole, for power generation.

    The scheme is located near Marenhalli, in Sakaleshpura Taluk of Hassan District and is adjacent to the National High way No.48 and is 25 kms from Sakaleshpura towards Mangalore. The scheme is developed by M/s Paschim Hydro Pvt Ltd.,.


    The Scheme involved Construction of:

  • A concrete diversion weir with FRL at EL692.00, 88.05m long and maximum height of 21.856m across Kadamane hole along with a free flow spillway 28.5m long.
  • A Gravity type intake structure with a single opening of 2.6m x 2.6 m along with a control gate and a stop log gate.
  • A 68.33m long and 3m x 3m size concrete cut and cover conduit upto the HRT.
  • A Head Race Tunnel, horse shoe shaped, and 2.6m Dia and 965.6M long and discharge capacity 3.76 cumecs.
  • A Simple surge tank 6m Dia and 22.2m high, with RCC lining.
  • A steel penstock pipe 1100mm Dia and 1015.98m long, buried below ground level alongwith anchor blocks and with two branches of 700mm dia and 13.40m length near the power house.
  • A surface power house 25.8m long and 21.20m wide, with concrete frame structure and steel sheet roofing.
  • A tail channel 24.5m long with a bed width of 1.85m and concrete lined.
  • An outdoor switch yard to house the transformers and the switching equipments.
  • The Associated Transmission lines.


    The power house has an installation of 2 units of 4.5 MW each and utilizes a maximum discharge of 3.68 cumecs under a rated head of 325.66 meters. The power house has horizontal axis pelton wheel turbine units with synchronous generators of capacity of 4.5MW each.

    The Unit I at the power house has been commissioned in and March 2007 and the Unit II is being commissioned in June 2007. The scheme generates annually 38 GWhs of energy.

    Design Group has handled the Planning Preparation of DPR and Detail Engineering of the Civil, Hydro Mechanical and Electro Mechanical Components and the transmissions lines and has completed the assignment satisfactorily.