Hullahalla Mini Hydel Scheme 12 MW


Hullahalla Mini Hydel Scheme - 12 MW

    Hullahalla Mini Hydel Scheme, across Hullahalla stream near Dhanaguru Village, in Malavalli Taluk of Mandya District, is being developed by M/s Limbavali Power Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. The Run of the River scheme envisages the installation of 12MW consisting of 3 units of 4000kw each and generation of 40.75 Gwhrs energy per annum.


    The Scheme envisages the Construction of:

  • A gated diversion weir, 61.2m long and 4m high with FRL at EL 562m and 6 Nos. radial gates of size 5.7m x 3.5m for the spillway and a scouring sluice.
  • An intake structure with a sluice opening of 3.2m x 3m, to pass a power discharge of 12.5 cumecs, with control gate of size 3.2m x 3m.
  • A water conductor system consisting of an open concrete lined, trapezoidal channel, 2070m long, with a bed width of 4m, for the design discharge of 12.5 Cumecs.
  • A Forebay at the end of the WCS of size 4m x 10.1m x 6.58m concrete lined and a forebay Intake structure with control gates.
  • A main surface steel penstock, 217m long and 1700mm dia and two branch penstocks 56m long and 1000mm dia with anchor blocks.
  • A pit type surface powerhouse 10.70m x 32.00m with service bay, 3 unit bays, control room, draft tube and tail race gates to house the 3 power generating units.
  • A Tail race channel 85m long, and bed width of 7m, to lead the tail waters to the Hullahalla Hole, downstream.
  • Outdoor yard 56m x 35m and the 66kV, single circuit, 6 km transmission line, to transmit the power generated.

    The power house will have 3 Nos Vertical Francis turbines along with Synchronous generators, of 4000 kws capacity each, along with the associated equipments. The scheme will generate 40.75 Gwhrs per year at an annual plant load factor of 38.7%.

     Design Group has provided Consultancy for planning and preparation of DPR, detail engineering for all the components of the Scheme.

    The project has been completed and generating the power.