Gugal MHS


    The Proposed Gugal Small Hydel Scheme envisages utilization of flows from the Gugal Barrage which is across River Krishna by KBJNL. The Gugal Small Hydel Scheme envisages power generation primarily by utilizing the monsoon flows in the river at the barrage site.

    The scheme comprise of the construction of

  • An approach channel
  • Intake
  • Power House
  • Tail Channel

     The Project has an installed capacity of 10 MW consisting of 3 units of 3.34 MW each and yields an annual energy of 36.00 Million units in an average year.

    The total project cost of the scheme inclusive of Transmission Lines and related financial costs according to the price level of the year 2003-04 is Rs. 4499.00 Lakhs. The cost of at completion inclusive of escalation, IDC and financial charges will be Rs. 4958.00 Lakhs. The net annual power generation is arrived at 35.64 GWHr. The cost of energy generation (first year) as per CEA norms in Rs. 2.87 per kWHr. The sale rate of energy is assumed as Rs. 2.90 per kWHr, during the first year of generation. The project gives an attractive internal rate of return of 22.79%.

    In the context of current power and energy shortage in the State of Karnataka and the ever-increasing demand for more electricity, the implementation of Gugal SHS contributed to partially meeting the shortage of power and energy in the State of Karnataka. The significant aspects of the Gugal SHS are:

  • About 200 to 250 cumecs quantum of water is available during the monsoon months for utilization for power generation.
  • The Project is economical and provided adequate income generation to meet all financing commitments and provided adequate return on the Investments.


    This project has been completed and generating the power.