Rain Water Intake System 2 X 270 MW


Raw Water Intake Scheme-2x270MW Thermal Power Plant at Goindwal Sahib, Punjab

    GVK Power (Goindwal Sahib) Limited has proposed to install 2x270 MW  as Phase I of the Coal based Thermal Power Project at Goindwal Sahib village in TaranTaran District of Punjab state. Presently phase-I works are being taken up for implementation. 

    The site location is near Goindwal Sahib Village, Khadoor Sahib Tehsil, Taran Taran District, Punjab. The elevation of site is El + 219.5m above MSL. The topography of site is plain country. The soil type available is Alluvial/Sandy Loam. The ambient temperature is 27⁰ C. The average mean daily maximum temperature will be 30.5⁰ C and average mean daily minimum temperature will be 15.9⁰ C. The annual average rain fall is 681 mm. The basic wind speed is 47m/sec.  The area comes under Seismic zone IV.

    The plant is located about 1.5km from the right bank of river Beas and 1km South of Goindwal Sahib village. It is proposed to draw 101852 cum of water per day, the ultimate requirement of Phase I & Phase II from the river Beas. However inside the pump house, only space provision for future pumps shall be kept and no other provisions are envisaged for Phase II.

    The scope of work included the design of well foundation and structural design of Intake well pump house and Approach Bridge to the Intake pump house. The river bed protection works including of design of sheet pile was also included in the scope of work.