The proposed Tavildara Hydro Power Project lies in Region of Central Republican subordination, Tajikistan and Tavildara District. The project is envisaged for harnessing the Hydro Power Potential of River Obihingou in two stages.  Garm HPP is the upstream power scheme and Tavildara is the downstream power scheme.  The Tavildara Hydro Power project is 150 kms away from Dushanbe, the capital city of the country.  The project lies between the longitudes from 70° 8’ 34” to 70° 17’ 22” and latitude from 38° 51’ 3” To 40° 50’ 50”.  

    The river Obihingou originates from a large Garmo glacier at an elevation of about 3040m above MSL.

    The river obihingou is a major tributory to river Vakhsh. The river drops from EL 3040m to about 1140m (drop of 1900m) in its course of about 198 kms upto confluence with river Vakhsh. The overall gradient of the river is 1%. The catchment area of river up to confluence with Vakhsh is 6530 sqkm. The topography is generally favorable for implementation of the Hydro Power Project. The various project components are located on the right bank of the river.

    The project area is easily accessible from Dushanbe.  The Somoniyon Avenue M 41 runs from Dushanbe to the place childara and continues further.  At present the diversion dam is contemplated near Kaftarguzar village. The road distance to the proposed power house site is around 150 km from Dushanbe Airport.


    The preparation of Detailed Feasibility

     Report is taken up for the client M/s Tavildara Power Company Limited, Singapore.  The filed topographical survey, Sub Surface Exploration, hydrological studies are being taken up to facilitate the preparation of Detailed Feasibility Report. These rivers are fed by snow melt, the rainfall contribution is less.