The location of the proposed Fandarya Hydro Power Project lies in Region of SUGHD province, Sangistan, Tajikistan, Ayni District. The project is 150 kms away from Dushanbe, the capital city of the country. The project site is well connected by highway M-41 and M 34.  The project lies between the longitudes from 68° 30’ 0” to 68° 34’ 12” and latitude from 39° 13’ 45” To 39° 23’ 56”.

    The river Fandarya is a major tributory of river Zarfashan.  It is formed by the confluence of the river Yagnob and Iskandarya.  Major inflow in the River is fed by snow and glacier.  The length of river Yagnob upto confluence is 115.4 kms.

    The total catchment area of river Fandarya(Yagnob) at the confluence of Yagnob and Iskandarya is 1654 sqkm.  The topography is favorable for Implementation of Hydro Power Projects.  The various components of the project are proposed to be located on the left side of the river. 

    The Road M-41 and M-34 runs from Dushanbe and joins the road between the places Sangisthan and Ayni.  The project roads are to be formed to access various components of proposed Fondario Hydro Power Project from the road M-41 and M-34. 


    The preparation of Detailed Feasibility

     Report is taken up for the client M/s Fandarya Power Company Limited, Singapore.  The filed topographical survey, Sub Surface Exploration, hydrological studies are being taken up to facilitate the preparation of Detailed Feasibility Report. These rivers are fed by snow melt, the rainfall contribution is less.