The Palor Small Hydro Project is envisaged by M/s. Flex Group, a pioneer company for  Flexible packaging in India. M/s. Flex Group has contemplated to execute the Palor Small  Hydro Project through group of companies’ viz., M/s. Flex Engineering Ltd., (FEL) and M/s.  Flex Engineering Ltd., is extending consultancy services in respect of Small Hydro  Projects to MEDCO.

    The Palor Small Hydro Project is allotted by M/s. HIMURJA, a nodal agency for handling the  Development of small hydro in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India, has allotted the  Project.

     Palor SHP is a run of the river scheme proposed on Palor river, a tributary of Giri River which in turn a tributary of Yamuna River. Palor originates from Chauras  and Nohra, lying above 2500 m. The Palor SHP is located in the village Lana Palor, Sangrah Taluk connected by access road from Renuka – Haripur dhar upto Sangrah and then Sangrah – Palor Road.The State PWD road is available from Renuka to Nahan, district headquarters of Sirmour District of Himachal Pradesh. From Nahan to GT road, the existing road is well maintained.

    M/s. MEDCO has entrusted the work of consultancy for investigation, planning, surveys Design construction and commissioning of the Palor SHP to M/s. Flex Engineering Ltd., a Company of the Flex Group. M/s. FEL has tie ups with number of associates who are specialized in their own files.  M/s. Himalayan Surveying Services and M/s. Kainthola Associates, are geological investigations respectively.  M/s. FEL has tie ups with other Companies for E & M works are not in the scope of work.

    The construction of the Palor SHS is taken up by M/s. Manglam Energy Development Co., (P) Ltd., (MEDCO) after the approval of the Detailed Project Report by HIMURJA Himachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency) for an installed capacity 2x 1500 KWvide Implementation agreement executed on 18.09.2002. Initially, consultancy for the detailed design and  supply of drawings was entrusted to M/s. L & T – Sargent & Lundy Limited, Baroda, India  and the construction is entrusted to M/s. Coastal Engineers Ltd.,

    M/s. Tulajaa Bhavani Energy Projects (P) Ltd., (who is planning to purchase Palor –I SHP,) Intends to know the economic viability of the Project and shortlisted M/s. DESIGN GROUP  Project  Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore for a Due-Diligence study of the project.

    Accordingly, the Due Diligence Report was prepared and submitted to M/s. Tulajaa Bhavani Energy Projects (P) Ltd.,